Ottawa Ghosts: Dark Apparition Staring At Me

Ottawa ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Ruth on January 12, 2015:

“The first story I am about to tell happened to my mom when she was young (early teens). My mom was living with her parents and, like the animal lover my grandmother was, they had a lot of pets, mainly dogs. Well one night my mom got up in the middle of the night and was going to check on the dogs, so she turned on the hallway light and that’s when she seen this demonic looking creature. As soon as she seen it she ran back to her room which she shared with one of her older sisters. While she was just jumping onto her bed she seen that this creature had followed her. The next morning she took one of the dogs for a walk and out of nowhere at an intersection the dog ran into the middle of the road in front of a car. Mind you this dog usually never does this, he usually would look both ways. Not this time, it was like he was forced to.

My second story is one my mom and I experienced when I was quite young. My mom and I both heard banging coming from our basement. So my mom came to check on my brother, sister and I. My mom seen that I was awake and if I had heard the banging too, I said yes. But no one else was home except the four of us. So my mom grabbed the baseball bat, gathered my siblings and I as we went down stairs to the main floor. My mom told me if she yelled for me to run next door I was to grab my brother and sister and go next door and get help. As I looked out the door holding my sister her father began walking down the walk way. I told my mom he had just showed up and she began questioning him about what just happened. And to our surprise he said it wasn’t him, that he had just gotten off the bus about five minutes or so ago. So my mom and I being creeped out, as my mom found nothing in the basement and our windows were too small for someone to climb through in the basement.

Third story happened about a year after we had just moved to a new house, so I was about 15 at this time (I am now 22). Me and my step-dad’s cousin were up and messing around with my mom’s answering machine when I heard another voice come through. It wasn’t a voice either of us recognized. So when my parents woke up, and after my younger siblings had gone to bed, we told them what we heard and I showed them. So then we decided to try with the four of us in the room and that’s when things got really creepy. We could have sworn we heard my grandmother who passed the year I was born and my step-dad’s uncle. But there was also another voice but we didn’t know who. Eventually my step-dad, being drunk, started calling it on. When we went back to listen to the entire recording we could hear three voices that weren’t in the room. And only two which we recognized.

I kept hearing my name being called as well, and I have always been able to feel or hear, and sometimes see, those who have passed away. But this day was creepy and I heard my grandmother warn us about something. Not sure as to what, but something bad for sure. A few hours later I was sent to bed only to be awaken by an evil presence in my room right after having a horrifying dream. So I ran down stairs to the living room area where my mom had been sitting on the chair and I told her what happened in my dream and what I felt. She said she felt the same way. I eventually got up to grab a drink for my mom and I. Just as I turned my back to my mom she asked what happened to my back. I had no idea what she was talking about at first until she told me. The way she described the markings was as if I had been thrown against our coffee table we had at the time. I looked at my mom and said that is scary because in my dream I had been thrown against the coffee table. 8 months later we moved out, mind you my step-dad and my mom were no longer together.

Last and final story was when I was 16 years old. I had wanted to go and pay a visit to my grandmother at her grave so I just entered the Notre Dame cemetery and was starting to head to the back where my grandmother was. When suddenly this dark apparition was just standing staring right at me. Next thing I knew it was following me and I got a weird feeling to run and get out as fast as possible. So I started running for the exit and every time I looked back it got closer and closer. Still to this day I still feel that dark entity around when I am in some places or when I least expect it.”

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Barkerville Campsite Cemetery – Haunted Barkerville Database

Barkerville British Columbia ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Barkerville, British Columbia, Canada
Type: cemetery
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Michael on March 25,2015:

“While camping at the campsite outside Barkerville, BC I witnessed a woman in white, surrounded by mist floating among the gravestones of the cemetery that shares a boundary with the camp ground.

I never felt afraid of her, only peace from her. Like she was caring for the souls of the dead that she passed. Helping them keep their peace. When she disappeared I felt only sorry for her being gone.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Hamilton Ghosts: York Blvd

Hamilton ghosts haunted paranormal York Blvd

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Type: street
Built: n/a

Ghost report from Robin De Danann on December 10, 2014:

“One of the saddest and strangest tales in Hamilton’s history is one which still haunts us today. It’s the story of the cholera plague, arriving on our shores with the immigrant ships – an epidemic that would kill 1 in 20 Hamiltonians, and hundreds of the city’s new arrivals. This is also the story of the frightful and inept burial process which left many of the deceased unable to cross over to their peace. Refusing to be forgotten, their spirits haunt us still.

The length of York Blvd, once known as Burlington Heights, is where the story takes place. The Hamilton Spectator describes it in 1897:
“Not anywhere else in or near the city of Hamilton is it at all likely that a more historically gruesome ground can be found than that around Burlington Heights … If there is any place about the city where spirits should come from their graves at midnight and flit about in the darkness, it is the Heights… There is a burying ground there, away upon the high level to the north of the canal. This bleak barren-looking spot is the last resting place of countless cholera victims who died in the city of the dread scourge in the years 1832 to1854.“

Tragically, after surviving months on board filthy, overcrowded ships, many Europeans arrived here sick with the plague. and were left to die alone in the cholera tents and plague shacks hastily built along the bayfront. The manner in which plague victims were buried only deepens the tragedy. The Spectator reports:
“Such was the terror inspired by the plague, that at the gates of lonely country cemeteries, bodies were left unburied, the friends of the deceased arriving after nightfall, dropping the body, then running away, leaving the people living close at hand to devise some means of burial. That means usually consisted of getting rope on the body and dragging it to a hole that had been prepared. The people did not linger for religious rites or ceremonies.”

Perhaps scariest of all was the rumour that the not-quite-dead were being buried alive. Unfortunately, an eye witness account bears truth to the rumour. A Toronto paper tells the tale of a young man off to work one morning, nervously leaving his wife feeling under the weather. He returned home that evening to hear she’d died and already been taken away for burial. Making his way to the dead carts, he demanded to see her body, noted slight movement, and carried her home, where, thankfully, she recovered – one of the lucky few.

As the last outbreak came to a close in 1854, Hamiltonians were eager to forget all they’d suffered through. And forget, they did – until 1923, when gravel pit diggers dug up bones near the high level bridge on York Blvd. A mass grave of cholera immigrants had been found! The bodies were quickly reburied and a commemorative stone placed in remembrance of the plague victims.

That was that – until 1962, when bulldozers widening York Blvd unearthed hundred of skeletons! This time, officials decided to transfer the mass grave into Hamilton Cemetery. Unbelievably, the new resting place of almost 500 dear souls, old and young, was left unmarked, uncelebrated, and forgotten again – until the 90’s, when a diligent historian discovered the location of the unmarked tomb, and a marker stone was placed – honouring the historian for locating the grave!

It seems, though, that the cholera victims are unwilling to be forgotten again. As the Spectator described, “The Heights are a place where spirits should come from their grave at midnight and flit about in the darkness.” And to this day, late-night dogwalkers and even the police report sightings of specters traversing the cemetery. Locals avoid the far, lonely end of the graveyard where the cholera victims lie, preferring to walk the “happier end” near Dundurn St. Tenants in a bayfront highrise by Pier 8, where plague shacks once stood, complain of odd occurrences like cutlery flying from drawers and across the room, and all the car alarms going off simultaneously when they enter the underground parking. Most eerie of all, residents of homes built over the cholera tents near Dundurn Castle, describe grief and terror-stricken entities who congregate in their living rooms, lurk in their basements, and knock on their bedroom walls.

Strangely, these home-owners admit feeling not only fear, but pity, for their ghostly visitors. They sense that the wraith-like, misty white figures seem pathetic and in need of help, as they appear to be terrified, as well as grieving. What could ghosts be terrified of, one might wonder. Spiritualist websites offer one possibility — fear of what’s on the other side can prevent spirits from crossing over. This makes sense considering the majority of immigrants at the time were Irish Catholics who firmly believed a blessing known as “The Last Rites” was needed before death to prevent them from going to Hell. Is it any surprise then that their spirits are afraid to let go? From the Irish Times newspaper, in an article on old Irish curses: “May you die in a town with no priest. – This curse dates back many years to a time when Ireland was more religious than it is now. Everyone wanted a priest in attendance to perform the Last Rites when they died. Dying without the Last Rites meant it would be more difficult to get into Heaven”. To add insult to injury, they were buried in unconsecrated ground and then transferred to a Protestant cemetery – no wonder they can’t rest. It seems the compassionate solution is to provide the suffering spirits with proper burial rites and rituals to help the them finish their journey.

One thing’s for sure – until we do, there will be no peace for them … or for the living who continue to experience the pain of the dead.”

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Hamilton Ghosts: Haunted Cemetery

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Type: cemetery
Built: n/a

The following report was sent into our website by M. Wryter on September 23, 2014:

“It was 4:31 am Sat Sept 20th, 2014 and I had decided that I wanted some shots of tombstones just using the flash as a highlight of the detail of the stone. I arrived at the cemetery main entrance across from Dundurn Castle, drove in and decided on the right turn, past the main building. I followed the road into the cemetery until I came to the work buildings at the back of the plots. I stopped as 2 rabbits ran across the road in front of my car and it was as I stopped that I THOUGHT I saw a figure standing by the tree.

Hamilton Cemetery haunted ghosts paranormal

It was the rabbits  I saw  that made me stop, so I waited till they crossed.

Hamilton Cemetery haunted ghosts paranormal

It was as I sat there waiting for them to cross that I heard this very deep ” WUUF..WUUF ” of what I thought was a dog and the sound of it came from the right rear side of the car. I gave a quick look to the side of the car but could see nothing there. I looked ahead and saw the rabbits were gone and was about to start ahead again when I felt something hit the right rear side of the car. It was forceful enough to make the entire car shake. I moved the car up ahead a few feet, stopped, then looked in the rear view mirror and saw this face that looked like it was white faced.

Hamilton Cemetery ghosts haunted paranormal

It gave me a jolt and I left the scene drove out of the cemetery and to the street, where I got out and to see if there was any damage to the car.

There was none I could see so I looked into the cemetery, saw nothing then got back in and drove off wandering what had I witnessed and been part of this strange early morn.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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St. Eustache Ghosts: Cursed Road and Cemetery

Location: St. Eustache, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Shane on July 3, 2014:

“I grew up near the town of St. Eustache, north of Elie. There was a stretch of road between St. Eustache and the Baie St. Paul bridge that always gave me a weird feeling. There were rumors of a road ghost there or of some sort of curse. I could never get a clear answer as to the reason for the discomfort I felt along that stretch of highway as a child. I would write this off if it were not for two things which happened in the last few years.

When I returned home from college I found myself driving down the road at about two in the morning, and I felt the hair on my neck stand on end. I did not see anything – but I was more afraid than I had been in years. Again, I admit, it could have been my imagination. However, I found it odd that a year or so later I was driving through the area with a friend who was visiting the province. We had been driving around all day and were chatting as we came up to the turn-off to St. Eustache, the spot where the atmosphere had changed before. She stopped speaking mid-sentence and pulled out her rosary – she is a devout catholic – and would not let me speak till we passed the bridge into Baie St. Paul.

She knew nothing of my discomfort in that place, but said it felt darker there. This was the sense I had when I had been there a year before.

Lastly – back when I was in high school, a friend and I were biking by St. Paul’s cemetery around midnight during harvest time, and we saw multiple small lights moving about the graves. We were planning to camp nearby, but we kept moving till the church was out of sight.

I am curious if anyone else has experienced anything like these two incidences while in the area.”

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True Ghost Story: We Never Disturbed The Dead Again

Michelle McKay paranormal ghosts haunted

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Donna-Rae on May 23, 2014:

“When I was 17 we where having a party and it started to get boring. So I said “let’s go to the grave yard”, and everyone said “hey, that sounds like a cool thing to do”. So we all arrived at the grave yard, and we started to play music and laugh. And to make a long story short the next day my brother’s friend came over and he looked freaked out. He said “you gotta listen to this”. We looked at each other and I said “okay calm down”, and he put in his Metallica tape and we all were at a loss for words cause you can hear the band and in the back ground all our laughing and screaming… So I said “you recorded us”. He said “how you can clearly hear the music” and he kept trying to push record but it wouldn’t… Wow we where speechless and never disturbed the dead again..”

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