Beverly Hills Ghosts: Woman In White

Beverly Hills California Los Angeles ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA

Ghost report on October 23, 2015:

“Me and my cousin moved into a large house in Beverly Hills after we got a job there. When we first moved there, I felt like a presence was there watching us, but I avoided it. And things were a little messed up, like small things starting to disappear all by itself and things not found where we kept them. It was only one month after we moved in when things started getting worse.

One day I was just watching the TV while my cousin was sleeping upstairs in her room. After 6-7 minutes my cousin came down and asked if I was knocking on her bedroom door, and I replied no. She again went to sleep and shortly after that she screamed from her room. I immediately went up and asked her what was going on. She said she again heard knocking on the door and when she opened it she saw no one, but out of the corner of her eye she saw a white figure running in the kitchen. She thought it was her imagination, but decided to check there and saw the same white figure staring at her then disappear.

Shortly after that our four year-old cousin Kaelyn came to stay with us for a week. When she first entered she began to stare at the corner of the hall. When we asked what she was staring at she pointed at the corner of the hall and asked “Who is she?” But there was no one. That night she started crying without a reason and said that the women she had seen in the hall had followed her upstairs.

I decided to sleep with her as she was very scared. At midnight something woke me up, it was a white figure and it told me to go away. When I went closer to get a clear view, I saw that the white figure was a woman all in white, even her hair and her skin were white. It freaked me out. As I got closer to touch her she disappeared.”

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Georgian Hotel – Haunted Santa Monica Database

Santa Monica Georgian Hotel California Los Angeles ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Santa Monica, California, USA
Type: hotel
Built: 1933

Article by: Michelle McKay
Photo: edited, original from Jelson25/Wikipedia

Located at 1415 Ocean Avenue, this hotel sits along Route 66 in Los Angeles County. At one time it was called The Lady Windemere, and is said to have catered to Hollywood studio executives and famous personalities such as Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Bugsy Siegel, Fatty Arbuckle, Oliver Stone, Robert DeNiro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others.

It is said that employees, and guests, have reported hearing “loud sighs” in the “Speakeasy Restaurant” during closing hours when it was empty. Also reported was an unknown voice that says “Good Morning” in the restaurant, and the sound of “running footsteps” have also been heard in the restaurant. Transparent apparitions have also been reportedly seen at the same restaurant.

One guest wrote on that there have been so many reports of hauntings at this hotel that the front desk staff spent 15 minutes telling him about their ghostly experiences here, along with what other guests have reported.

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Brentwood Ghosts: Something Swung The Door Open

Location: Brentwood, California, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Christina on March 10, 2014:

“I use to live with my grandparents. I was about 10 years old when I found out I was a sensitive. My parents moved in on the property in a mobile home, and my grandparents left me for four days in the house alone with my parents next door while I watched the dog, Daisy.

Well night fell on the first night, and it was fine until I went to bed. In the living room I could hear the news on the TV, but I could see the TV from my room, it was off. So I locked my door. All of a sudden my door swung open, the dog hid under my bed and I left to my dad’s next door. The next morning I found Daisy had chewed up the blinds trying to get out.

It was summer and I had turned the air off. The door is heavy, it takes great force to move over the rug at all. I definitely believe this was a ghost.

I have had more experiences over the years.”

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