Downtown Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue – Haunted Quebec Database

Location: Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada
Type: main street and local shop
Built: n/a

The following report was sent into our website by Meema on March 12, 2014:

“A few years ago, a close friend and I visited the lovely little town of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, at the western end of the Island of Montreal (Editor’s Note: not to be confused with the City of Montreal), and did so on a regular basis. For exploring the small quaint shops there and walking the tiny side streets felt as though
we’d escaped for a holiday to Cape Cod.

One day, after visiting a secondhand book shop, we walked onto the main area ready to cross the road, did so, and turned back for some reason, and both saw something rather strange. A girl of perhaps twelve or thirteen, dressed completely in white, with hair ribbons, an old Victorian-style dress, white stockings and white shoes, walked the busy pavement that we had just left, bent forward in great determination, walking very quickly on the busy way that led towards the bridge connecting Ste-Anne’s to Ile Perrot some way away. The dress was not of this day and age, and at first we thought it to be some sort of fancy dress day for a party perhaps. The uncanny thing was that as she walked past quite a few people wandering the sidewalk in either direction, none seemed to remark on her, or turn back to do a double-take. We stood there watching, still thinking how very eerie it was – we’re both pretty pragmatic people, Brigitte and myself but to see her stride in such a fast and determined way, really meaning business, seemed out of place, and the fact that no one took notice at all was of concern.

However, we were parked just over the road, and jumped into the car once she was well out of sight, and ninety seconds later, were at a spot where there is a bus stop, and Brigitte touched my shoulder and said “Oh my goodness”! There poised in exactly the same attitude, was the same girl in the same Victorian outfit, ready to start her walk all over again. There was absolutely no way she could have made it back by any means, to be in such a position. For it had taken 60 seconds for us in the car to arrive to the spot where she was. I slowed down, and felt really odd, I can tell you – and with her head never moving, she began the exact same walk along the main street,fast, meaning business of some sort. I had to drive on of course, but we never forgot this experience, and cannot explain it at all.

Brigitte left Canada and returned to France, and I forgot about this little episode. But last year, I was in a shop in Ste-Anne’s, waiting at the cash, when the door opened, and a middle-aged lady entered with a girl dressed completely in white, with the same white ribbons in her hair, white stockings, shoes, almost joined to the hip of the woman who seemed not to acknowledge her. They came in the doorway together, and walked over to a display on the wall – some glassware, I believe. The girl in white was turned sideways to the woman, and “in her face” if you like, so close there was no space between them. I felt very strange indeed. I watched them, and no acknowledgement was made between either of them. They were so close in the way that you might think two people were verbally fighting, but there were no words, and no apparent sense that lady number one knew that a girl in clothing from another century was next to her, too close for comfort indeed. At first I felt I should walk over and discover what was going on, but at that moment, all I wanted to do was to leave the store, for it all felt so wrong.

A good friend of mine was interested in these experiences, and suggested that if it happens again, to say in my mind “Go to the Light”. It won’t hurt. I shall do just that. But the first experience was shared by two of us, and I honestly don’t understand what we were seeing. The girl in white looked solid and substantial. And I honestly don’t feel like another episode at any time in the future. And I do not understand what we have seen, and would like to know.”

 If you have experienced any activity in this town, or at any other location anywhere else in the world , please tell us about it here

Private Residential in Chelsea – Haunted Quebec Database

Location: Chelsea, Quebec, Canada
Type: private residential, our case# H3118
Built: 1985 (house built by current owners)

Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ was called out to Chelsea, Quebec to conduct an investigation at this location. The following is the activity reported to us:

When their son was much younger (around 11yrs old), he woke up screaming that he had seen his grandmother lying in bed beside him. This occurred shortly after she had passed away.

The mother was “visited” by her father shortly after he passed away

Their son sees a male in the basement and believes that this male gets mad whenever his mother works in the basement

The mother has had “eerie feelings” in the basement

The son believes that there is something “cold and evil” in his brother’s bedroom. Since a very young age, he would always sleep facing the closet whenever he slept in this room because he felt as if “something would always come from behind” and he felt uncomfortable facing away from the closet.

While in his bedroom, the son’s Blackberry displayed “message being sent”, yet no message was sent when he checked it

An “uneasy” feeling is often reported while in the house

A female friend was sleeping in the brother’s bedroom and woke up with the feeling of being choked. She reported the feeling of a “curtain cord” around her neck and that the room was very cold. When the mother asked her why she did not call for help, she said she was not able to scream or move and that whenever she tried to get up it felt like “something” was holding her down.

A friend of the family “sensed” something in the basement

Although nobody has been hurt, the family believes that an “evil” entity resides in the basement. A negative, unhappy energy.

The son sees “someone” in the mother’s bedroom closet

The mother sometimes gets an “eerie feeling” in her bedroom, but says it is more noticeable in the two sons’ bedrooms, hallway outside their rooms, and the basement.

An audio recorder was placed inside the closet of one of the sons’ bedrooms. Two of our investigators were sitting outside of the closet in the son’s bedroom asking the “spirits” questions. The closet door was open. Three seconds into the audio you will hear what appears to be a tapping sound coming from inside the closet in response to the questions being asked. Keep in mind that the recorder was placed inside the closet during this entire recording. The tapping was not heard during the time of recording:


One of our investigators felt the feeling of being “poked” on the back of his left arm a few minutes after asking to be poked. He asked to be poked again, as well as asked for another investigator to be poked, but there was not repeat of this during the remainder of the investigation.

Another of our investigators reported experiencing the feeling of “almost like a slight increase in pressure” in his head upon entering this house. He reports not having this feeling outside of the house.

CONCLUSION (written by Michelle McKay):