Lac Seul Ghosts: Pelican Falls High School

Lac Seul Sioux Lookout ghosts

Location: Sioux Lookout (Lac Seul First Nation), Ontario, Canada
Type: house on school site
Built: n/a

Ghost report from Anonymous on July 23, 2016:

“So I go to school at Pelican Falls High School. It used to be a old Aboriginal residential school. So many people/kids have died in the area. We live on site so there is quite a bit of us in a single big house.

Usually when I’m upstairs alone I’d hear people in other rooms or the closet down the hall way, but no one would be upstairs.

There was this time I slept in room 4. There would be this little girl age 4-6 who would walk in almost every night and lay down in the middle of the room and disappear.

And when I moved to room 2 the same little girl would come in, but she wouldn’t be as nice and friendly as she used to be.

On multiple occasions I would wake up with scratches on my legs or arms. Once in a while I would have bruises on my wrists.

Other times you would be able to hear a man yelling in the hallway in the middle of the night. The male gender wouldn’t be allowed upstairs and our doors would be locked at 11pm, so no way they would get in at 2 am in the morning. And it would be scary, usually would have to listen to music and drain out the sounds.

We would be lucky if we could go a while without hearing or seeing anything. May I add this is about 30 minutes away from Sioux Lookout, Ontario, in the Lac Seul traditional territory.”

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Banff Ghosts: Juniper Lodge

Banff Alberta ghosts haunted paranormal Canada

Location: Banff, Alberta, Canada
Type: hotel
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Heather on October 31, 2015:

“This happened in June of 1990. My husband and I had gone camping for our one year anniversary, but we decided to spend the actual anniversary night at the hotel where we’d had our wedding reception, the Timberline Hotel which was just outside of the Banff townsite, and is now known as the Juniper Lodge. We parked our trailer in the lot and came in, kind of late in the evening.

We got to our room only to find that it was roasting hot. We called for assistance and a maintenance worker showed up, but he couldn’t turn off the heater, it just kept blowing hot. We tried to sleep, but after an hour or so realized that even with the window open and the air conditioner going, it was too hot to sleep.

We headed back to check-in, and were told that there was another room available, but that this one had a problem with the air conditioning unit – it was stuck on. After the heat of the last room, we were happy with that.

Unfortunately, it was just blowing cold air. It was making an unbearably loud sound that made it impossible to sleep.

We went back to the front desk to ask if it would be ok to set up our trailer in the parking lot (it was a tent trailer), but they decided on chancing us in another room.

The staff discussed the room for a bit before offering it to us, because, as they said, it was only used for storage so it might be a bit dusty, the bed wasn’t made, etc. We said we didn’t care. Someone went in and quickly made the bed and we quickly climbed in and settled down to sleep. That’s when the fun started.

It was absolutely pitch dark in the room. The left side of the bed was pushed up against the wall, and I was lying on the outside part of the mattress. I heard footsteps approaching down the hallway and then the sound of someone putting a key in the door. I sat up to tell whoever it was that the room was occupied. I thought it was a staff member coming to get something out of storage, but although I heard the door open, the room remained pitch dark. It must have been someone going into the room beside us. I settled back down thinking that I didn’t remember the walls being so paper thin when we were there before, but then we’d never stayed in that wing before.

Then, I heard someone walking around in the room. I sat up again, thinking maybe the door really had been opened, and the hallway light had been out so I hadn’t realized it in the dark. But then I realized that although it sounded like someone was in the room between me and the window, I didn’t see any silhouette as this person walked around in front of the window.

Once again, I assumed it was someone in the room next to mine, and settled back down.

I closed my eyes again, ready to sleep, when I heard a loud sigh right beside me, not from my husband’s side of the bed, but from right beside me in the room.

I was starting to feel confused, I didn’t believe in ghosts, but clearly this wasn’t a sound coming from another room.

Then “someone” sat down on the bed. I moved as close to my husband as I could and tried to wake him by kicking him, but I was so afraid I was finding it hard to move and was only able to nudge him with my foot, and he just kept sleeping.

Now the “person” beside me sighed again, and laid down on the bed, close to the edge. I slowly reached my hand down beside me and felt the mattress. Slowly moving my hand along the mattress, I could feel the spot where it started to sink down, as a mattress does along someone laying on it. There was clearly somebody there, and this wasn’t just my imagination.

With my left hand, I started pinching my husband and poking at him. Mostly, I just held my breath and tried to keep still.

Finally, finally, “it” sighed again and sat up. I slowly turned my head towards the window and realized that, once again, I couldn’t see anyone’s silhouette or outline between me and the window. But there was very clearly someone sitting on the bed right beside me. Then it stood up and walked towards the door.

Once again I “heard” the sound of footsteps and the door opening, but, once again, no light came into the room from the hallway as the door opened.

Now I sat up, turned on the room light, and woke up my husband. Since he had slept through the whole thing, he wasn’t too keen on checking out right then and there, and insisted on going back to sleep.

I sat up with the light on for the next three hours before I finally woke him again and insisted on leaving.

To make it even weirder, when we checked out (no charge, obviously), the staff repeatedly asked us if anything ‘weird’ had happened. We kept saying ‘no’. There was no way I wanted to stand there talking about it, I just wanted to get away from there.

They offered us a notebook to write about our night in, but I was not interested, and we left as fast as you can when pulling a trailer behind. We kept on driving until we got home to Edmonton around 9 or 10 o’clock where finally got to sleep.

Years later we went back and had lunch at the now renovated Juniper Lodge. At the front desk we stopped and asked if they had a guest room that was just used for storage, and I finally told someone at the hotel about our night. The staff said they had never heard of anything odd happening there and that they definitely did not keep a notebook behind the counter for guests to write in.

I’m still not 100% on board with the existence of ghosts, but unless I was hallucinating that night I guess that’s what I encountered.”


Ghost report by Lori on September 28, 2016:

“I stayed in the Juniper Hotel, the same one in the story above, a couple years ago and had a very similar experience. I had NO previous knowledge of this hotel at all. I still talk about this story to this day and finally thought of looking up online if there were any other documented ghost stories from this hotel. This is clearly an older hotel that has been renovated. When my boyfriend and I checked in for a 2 night stay, I noticed that the floors in our room were very creaky.

During our first night, I was awoken by the very sound of someone “pacing” in the room at my bedside between the bed and the wall. My back was toward the sound, but the sound and presence of someone, or something, was very distinct. I then experienced the same feeling as the above writer described…not being able to move or make a sound loud enough to wake my boyfriend. I was facing his back and I just hid my face in his back and must have fallen back to sleep.

Upon waking, I didn’t initially recall this event. During breakfast in the hotel, I suddenly remembered and told my boyfriend. I then decided to share my story with the waitress to find out if there were any other strange events in the hotel. Unlike the above story, she quickly told me that yes, people regularly have strange experiences in the hotel and shared the fact that the land the hotel was built on was actually sacred Native land and that when it was purchased, the Natives sold the property with the understanding that they could come back and continue to have their ceremonies on the land, which was still happening at that time. I’m not sure why this wasn’t shared with the above couple.”


Ghost report by Jayne on October 27, 2017:

“About 8 years ago in 2009, my husband and I stayed at the Juniper Hotel in Banff for a weekend getaway. During the night I woke up and saw a Native man standing by my bedside. He was wearing old-fashioned clothes and a hat. He was just looking at me as though he wanted to ask me something.

I closed my eyes and told myself I was dreaming. I opened my eyes and he was still there. I was scared but didn’t feel threatened by him. I closed my eyes again and when I opened them he was gone.

I was definitely awake and not dreaming. I told my husband about it when he woke up and we mentioned it to staff in the hotel who told us the hotel was built on land that was a meeting place for the Natives and was sacred ground. They said that there had been other people that had paranormal experiences in the hotel. It was scary but also interesting.

We stayed at the hotel again a couple of years later and had our dog in the room with us and she just kept barking so we had to put her in the car. There was no other incidents that night. Maybe she felt the presence of a spirit there as she would not settle in the room at all. She has stayed with us in other hotels before with no problem.

I am curious who my ‘visitor’ was and what message he had for me. It was real. I was not really a believer in ghosts until this experience. Now I do believe that there are spirits around us.”

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Air Force Base – Haunted Springbrook


Springbrook Alberta Canada ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Springbrook, Alberta, Canada
Type: Air Force training base
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Christi on September 2, 2015:

“I live on an old Air Force training base in rural Alberta. There’s numerous stories and legends about ghosts walking the streets of Springbrook and among the barracks and abandoned buildings, but I myself had never experienced anything until I recently began using the ‘most haunted’ building as a day care.

As the landlord handed me the key he said “and remember, if you feel him beside you, just tell him to go to the light”.

Yep, that was the first time I ever had that clause in the rental agreement of something.

‘Him’ is Charlie. “Charlie” hung himself while the base was still operational in the boiler room right beside my main daycare area.

I attempted to have two groups come in to the barracks and investigate but they flat out refused to go into ‘building 14’, although they did explore other buildings and homes and found activity.

Leaving me to deal with ‘Charlie’ alone (except for the day care kids who I have not told). Charlie will turn on lights that I turn off before leaving at night down a hall way that is locked at both ends. I’m the only one with keys to the building. You will hear him walking down the hall and clanging pans upstairs in a huge industrial kitchen with no power or pans that has been empty for 2 years since cadets stopped coming.

I have tried to research Charlie’s death, but nothing has come up. Maybe because it’s suicide. The local historian was aware of the story as well.

There is also talk of a woman who wanders the streets of Springbrook, especially in the summer. Apparently she is a widow of a soldier that didn’t return.

So far he seems harmless, not angry, but it is his space!”

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8th Avenue – Haunted Swift Current Database

Swift Current ghosts haunted paranormal Saskatchewan Canada

Location: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
Type: house
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Kyle on June 13, 2015:

“Me and my ex lived in a house on 8th Avenue. We started experiencing strange things. Cups in the cupboard would be full of water, stuff put away in closet, an Xmas wreath one day was stuck hanging on the shower head in bathroom with the tub full of water and the cat litter box floating. We left, came back half hour later and my CDs were scattered all over the living room exactly the same spread and distance from each other.. Furniture would be moved around… We would explore the house with cameras and batteries would drain instantly.. We would get photos and they would delete themselves from the camera as soon as we left the property..

I constantly had dreams and being stuck in a psychosis sleep state of a man trying to stab me…

Me and and a friend did a bunch of research on the house and learned that on Halloween night in 1969 a woman stabbed a man to death in this house… I felt sick learning this as it all made sense.. This house is still there and occupied.”

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School – Haunted Iskut Database

Iskut ghosts haunted paranormal British Columbia BC Canada

Location: Iskut (First Nations Community), British Columbia, Canada
Type: school
Built: n/a

Ghost report from Bonnie on May 28, 2015:

“I worked at a school in Iskut, BC for two years and have never been so frightened in another building in my life. I have lived in many creepy houses and ventured through strange, eerie buildings, but they never actually scared me. The school in Iskut did.

The first time I walked into the building it had an uncomfortable, oppressive feeling to it. And I could immediately feel someone, or something, watching me.

I worked in the library, which was located in the centre of the building and was open to the rest of the building on two sides. Basically, I only had two walls, and no doors. Because of this, I could hear most of what happened in the school. When the kids left, the building was usually quite quiet. But when the rest of the staff would leave, it got noisier again.

I often stayed late with two of the teachers because there was a lot of work to do in the library. When the other teachers left, they would lock their classrooms. All the same, after they were gone, I’d hear their classroom doors opening and slamming shut. Afterward, I’d hear small footsteps, and sometimes a girl giggling. If I stayed particularly late (after dinner time) I would sometimes hear what sounded like a person running down the hallway and pounding on the walls on one side. I couldn’t see anyone, and anyone trying to do that on the other side of the wall would have to be able to run through classroom walls to do it.

After a fundraiser one night, I was bringing supplies back from the gym into the main part of the building. When I opened the doors, I could hear jazz music coming from one of the classrooms. The classroom door was locked and it was dark inside. When I opened the door, the music stopped. I checked the CD player the teacher used, and it was unplugged. Needless to say, I got out of there as quick as I could.

Another experience was much later at night. My father was contracted with renovating the school’s kitchen and was trying to meet a strict deadline, so he asked me to help after school hours. We had two days left to finish, so we were working well past midnight to finish on time. I was feeling very jumpy and kept flinching at the smallest of sounds. Eventually, my dad asked if I was okay, and I told him I felt like something was watching me and/or creeping up on me. He said, “Well, I didn’t want to tell you this, but, when I was here by myself the other night, I saw a little girl. She stayed in the shadows of the hallway, just out of range of my work lights. I asked her what she was doing in the building and she said, ‘My name is Kayla and I live here now.’ Then she laughed and disappeared. It was like she dissolved or something. I didn’t want to scare you, but maybe she’s hanging out with us.” I worked as hard as I could to be finished that project and avoided the building late at night from then on.

The last occurrence I experienced was shortly before I left the community. I was working in the library through Spring Break to get it ready for the next librarian, so I was alone in the building. I could hear a sound that was a mixture of strong winds and distant thunder, and I felt as though something was behind me. Suddenly, a shadow like a huge bird swooped down from the ceiling behind me. Instinctively, I ducked, but it still seemed as if it was only an inch or so above my head. It glided across the library, down the hallway at the other end, then rose up into the ceiling. After that, music started playing in the classroom at the far end of the building. I was so freaked out, I almost left, but one of the janitors came into the building, and the music stopped. I managed to work through the rest of the day, but I found someone to come with me for the rest of Spring Break.”

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La Barriere Park — Haunted Winnipeg Database

Winnipeg ghosts haunted paranormal Manitoba Canada

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Type: wildlife park
Built: n/a

Ghost report by Lindsay on April 8, 2015:

“As an individual that has been seemingly sensitive to the paranormal my whole life, I have grown to have possibly less fear then the average person. I have experienced ghosts related to family members passing, and have chased historical ghosts at a number of places in Manitoba with many spine chilling occurrences I could write about. But this one recent occurrence had me VERY freaked out…

I was jogging at La Barriere park, in which I had done maybe a handful of times in the past during times when there were more people around. This particular time, however, it was just me and my dog, as far as I had seen since entering the park. I was jogging around on my second loop of the small forest path, without headphones in, when I felt the swooshing of someone running past me. I thought it odd, and was instantly afraid because of us being alone in a treed area, with no wind. But I went on my way and dismissed it.

A few minutes later the same thing happened, accompanied by the sound of children giggling in the distance. I have to say, I was again, afraid, but also relieved because I thought “ok good, there is someone else here”.

I decide to head back to my car, and upon arriving realized my car WAS the only car there…creepy…but once again, I didn’t think too much of it, as most would often say I read too much into things anyways.

Several weeks later, I turned on the TV to catch the very last minute of a show on haunted locations in Canada, and happened to see that La Barriere park was in the episode. Having missed it, I quickly googled it to see if I could find some information. And sure enough, it IS in fact a known haunted location Specifically in which people had reported feeling watched, and the inexplicable sound of children laughing in the distance….”

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