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By: Michelle McKay (founder of
Oct 7, 2014

It was always a tradition in my family to visit the graves each year throughout the month of November. With Halloween coming upon us soon, I’ve been thinking about my deceased relatives, in particular, my great-great-grandmother-Kennedy — my ‘G2’ grandma.

I think I will share something with you, something about Grandma Kennedy. That’s her below, standing next to her husband, Grandpa Kennedy, the Freemason:


paranormal investigator Michelle McKay


Grandma Kennedy was quite the woman, she always fascinated me. She LOVED reading people’s tea leaves for them, a service she did for free. Any poor soul who came to her house would get promptly sat down at her kitchen table and poured a cup of tea. She would anxiously wait for them to finish their tea then off to the races she would go, reading their tea leaves for them, whether they were ready for the news or not.

She was of Scottish heritage and born in Nova Scotia during the year 1874, the late Victorian era, which was also during the Spiritualist Movement. She had seven girls and three boys with Grandpa Kennedy. She had what the Scottish call Second Sight, the gift of seeing into the spirit worlds. The world of the unseen, the shadows.

Reading tea leaves was just one of her gifts, she was also adept at reading other types of omens and seeing spirits. As mentioned earlier, she never charged for her services.

Her and Grandpa Kennedy lived on their family homestead in Nova Scotia. She churned her own butter, had pigs, chickens, etc.. She also had a generous, kind heart and felt pity for the less fortunate, often letting the homeless, who were wandering around the countryside begging for food, into her kitchen to whip them up some bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Then afterwards read their tea leaves no doubt.

One night, Grandma Kennedy saw what she said was an “orange ball of light coming down the hill”. She said it was a “forerunner” to her daughter’s death. A forerunner, or omen, that her daughter would soon die. Her daughter, my great-grandmother, died the next day at the age of only twenty-five years old, the poor thing.

Grandma McKay once told me something exciting about Grandma Kennedy. She said when she was a young girl she would often see Grandma Kennedy go down to the river with two of my great-aunts, all three of them wearing black-hooded robes. They told her they were “baptizing” each other.

Well now, that’s different. I wonder what that was all about?

What an interesting woman Grandma Kennedy was. Would it surprise you she died October 30? RIP Grandma Kennedy…


Michelle McKay is a Canadian paranormal investigator of 20+ years. Former TV host: Destination America, Discovery, A&E. Founder of Her great-uncle was pioneer UFO investigator and first director of MUFON Canada, Henry McKay. This may all sound glamorous but in reality she spends her life holding a flashlight and talks to a lot of people. Foremost, she is willing to work for tacos and chocolate.


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