Hamilton Ghosts: Haunted Cemetery

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Type: cemetery
Built: n/a

The following report was sent into our website by M. Wryter on September 23, 2014:

“It was 4:31 am Sat Sept 20th, 2014 and I had decided that I wanted some shots of tombstones just using the flash as a highlight of the detail of the stone. I arrived at the cemetery main entrance across from Dundurn Castle, drove in and decided on the right turn, past the main building. I followed the road into the cemetery until I came to the work buildings at the back of the plots. I stopped as 2 rabbits ran across the road in front of my car and it was as I stopped that I THOUGHT I saw a figure standing by the tree.

Hamilton Cemetery haunted ghosts paranormal

It was the rabbits  I saw  that made me stop, so I waited till they crossed.

Hamilton Cemetery haunted ghosts paranormal

It was as I sat there waiting for them to cross that I heard this very deep ” WUUF..WUUF ” of what I thought was a dog and the sound of it came from the right rear side of the car. I gave a quick look to the side of the car but could see nothing there. I looked ahead and saw the rabbits were gone and was about to start ahead again when I felt something hit the right rear side of the car. It was forceful enough to make the entire car shake. I moved the car up ahead a few feet, stopped, then looked in the rear view mirror and saw this face that looked like it was white faced.

Hamilton Cemetery ghosts haunted paranormal

It gave me a jolt and I left the scene drove out of the cemetery and to the street, where I got out and to see if there was any damage to the car.

There was none I could see so I looked into the cemetery, saw nothing then got back in and drove off wandering what had I witnessed and been part of this strange early morn.”

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

If you have experienced any activity at this cemetery, or at any other location anywhere else in the world, please tell us about it here