Eskasoni Ghosts: ‘Tall Man Standing There’

Location: Eskasoni (First Nation Community),  Nova ScotiaCanada

Ghost report by Marilyn on June 11, 2007:

“One night my friend called and said that he was coming to visit me and my boyfriend. About 15 minutes later we heard the door open and close. Then we heard steps coming towards our bedroom with chairs moving around like someone was walking through the kitchen/dining room.

Then my full-grown Doberman flew across the room towards the doorway and hit the wall outside of the room. He ran in the bedroom with his tail to the floor. He was so scared that when we tried to get him out, his feet were on the doorway trying not to go back out there, like a cartoon.

We were both thinking why is our friend doing that to our dog, and when we went out of the room to get mad at our friend, no one was there.

About 5 minutes after that happened my friend showed up and we told him what happened.

A few days later my brother came over and right when he came in he was staring at the bathroom door. He opened the door and started saying “get out of here, leave now”. When I asked him who he was talking to he said there was a tall man standing there that he didn’t like the looks of.

Now we just hear things in the apartment next to us even though no one lived in there for months.”

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